Addiction is not gender-specific, it however affects men and women differently. A good number of men than women, are usually diagnosed with addiction, which is also a form of chemical dependency. The addiction community has stated that, men face specific gender challenges which makes them likely to be susceptible to substance abuse.

The society is framed in such a way that; men are more encouraged to take part in an addictive behaviour. Men who are down with anxiety, depression and a host of mental illnesses, are not likely to opt for treatment than women who have the same form of illnesses.

Hence, they would prefer to use substances which alter the mind in order to help them undergo self-medication.

With time, the substances begin to worsen the disease, and the person is not able to control the way it is used. Based on statistics, men are at a higher risk than women concerning medical problems concerning addiction. It is more likely for men to experience anxiety, depression, organ failure and the likes.

Alcohol addiction for example, reduces the testosterone levels in men, which causes erectile dysfunction, reduced libido and infertility, alongside with reduced strength, muscle mass and bone density.

Men who are in a committed relationship or married, are more likely to finish addiction treatment, than those who are not. Addiction is known to affect the ability of a man to be a good partner and father as well. A man who takes alcohol and drugs are more likely to take part in sexual behaviours which are unusual, and this is often associated with infidelity.

Men who are addicted are advised to seek addiction treatment as early as they can, so that treatment would be made easier. Usually, the first phase of addiction treatment, is detoxification, and this involves the removal of toxic substances from the body, which could trigger a relapse.

Then men can also decide if they want to opt for inpatient or outpatient form of treatment, and they should ensure that whatever treatment facility they opt for, they should have provision for aftercare treatment.

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