Men who have been able to overcome the thick web of addiction need to be encouraged. However, it does not just stop with addiction recovery, there are still some features which need to be put in place.
One of the problems which most men are likely to face after addiction recovery, is selection of friends. It is normal feature for men to gather at a bar have a couple of drinks, discuss and depart.

During this process, most of them become addicted, and due to the fact that the clique is addicted, they do not have much to worry about.
However, if any of them opts for recovery, and is able to overcome addiction, it gets tempting to keep up with the same set of friends as before.

Men are advised to choose their friends wisely. Friends such as this, would make you reconsider going back to your former lifestyle, and before you know it, you would relapse.
It is better to surround yourself with people who do not indulge in the same acts which got you addicted in the first place.

You need to be around people who will motivate you to do better. Even though you have a best friend who could make you relapse, ask yourself if you value your friendship over your life.

If it is difficult for you to break such friendship, you can have a discussion, and explain your current situation.

If your friend is willing to help you get better, his response should give you heads up on the next step to take.
In addition, you need to have the courage to own up to your mistakes.

All through your previous lifestyle, there is a tendency for you to have committed lots of mistakes without knowing.

After recovery, you have to repair the damage which you have done, this is what makes you a real man.

You can discuss with your counselor to put you through on how best to handle this.

Also, build for yourself, a career path which you will be proud of.

This would serve as a source of motivation not only to you, but to those around you who were aware of your previous lifestyle.

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