Alcohol is one of the most taken substances in the world, and taking too much has an effect on both men and women. However, this piece basically looks at the effect which comes with taking alcohol in much quantities in men.

Here are some reasons why men should cut down on their alcohol intake

  • Fertility and sexual performance: Most men are unaware of the fact that, taking too much alcohol adversely affects their fertility and performance during sex. For some men, they feel taking alcohol enhances their performance during sex. It might be true at first. However, in the long run, they will discover that it affects their performance, making them last fewer amounts of time in bed.

Closely related to this, taking too much alcohol affects the testosterone levels, reducing the libido, sperm quality and quantity.

  • Appearance: Some men are not aware that, alcohol affects their appearance more than the foods they eat which are high in calories. On a conventional basis, alcohol steps-down the amount of fat stored in the body. Now, our bodies cannot store alcohol, and it needs to eliminate it as promptly as possible. Hence, this process takes precedence over the burning of fat and the absorption of nutrients.

This is why some men look awkward with weird shapes because they have taken alcohol for a long period of time, which has distorted shapes.


  • Weight gain: Closely related to appearance, alcohol also makes men gain weight, and this causes obesity in the long run. This excessive gain of weight happens in the long-term, and this makes the man look unattractive.


It is important for men to take full control over how they drink. To start with, men need to monitor the rate at which they drink. In addition, men need to know their strength in order to keep their drinking moderate.

It is also essential to note that, cutting down on alcohol helps the following:

  • Health improvement
  • Mood and sleep improvement
  • Relationships improvement
  • Ability to save money


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